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An Azerbaijani speaks of his horror: “Five people were killed next to us …”

Seymour Kazimov, Odessa

We are in Odessa. This humor, architecture, distinguished by its specific mentality for centuries and The city of beaches is now witnessing the horrors of war and human tragedies.

All night, from 1 p.m. trustan alarm was sounded most of the time. The port city of Odessa on the first day of the war – on February 24 by sea Russia there was an attack by the navy. Although the city was not seriously damaged at that time, danger is expected at any moment.


The city has become a haven for IDPs from neighboring provinces and people who have survived the horrors of war. Along with local authorities, numerous diaspora organizations, including the Birlik Diaspora Organization, are involved in the evacuation of IDPs from nearby areas where active fighting is taking place.


“A woman’s body was left in the middle for three days, it smelled bad. Neighbors buried him in a playground “. 23-year-old Rail speaks. He is one of the Azerbaijanis who survived Mariupol. Originally from the Astara region, he studied engineering in Mariupol. Two months later ali He would finish his education and receive a diploma.

Bafail and Rail Nasirovs

Rail’s father Bafail Nasirov is 47 years old. He worked as an electric welder at a metallurgical plant in Mariupol. He would retire in two years.

According to Bafail according toThe first day of Russia’s shelling of Mariupol – February 24. “On February 17, the director of the plant Renat Akhmetov arrived in the city and he said that, Don’t worry, there can’t be an attack here. We are sure. But on the 27th and 28th of the month, the city was completely besieged “.

From March 2, the city will have electricity, water, gas and communication is cut off and they go down to the basement like their neighbors. As soon as it was quiet, they would go outside and build a fire, prepare food and tea. That it is impossible to deliver humanitarian aid according towere fed with reserve food during this period.

“One of the Azerbaijanis had a hotel. He brought all the food in his warehouse and distributed it to everyone who needed it. ”– Bafail adds.

It was not easy to go out and cook every time. because Russia The army fired on the city with planes, tanks and artillery. In one of these skirmishes, 5 civilians were killed.

“Two of them were buried at the entrance of the building, and three in the yard of the kindergarten.”

From March 15 trustAlthough information about the most humanitarian corridor is sent to telephones, they are not aware of it. Long-term lack of light in the city and as a result, the phone runs out of power, depriving them of this information.

“Our diaspora leader in Mariupol himself came to our neighborhood, about the humanitarian corridor information gave. We tried to leave the city in cars under bullets. That was the first time I saw a Russian soldier. They stopped the cars and checked the documents. They looked at the phones and deleted any technical photos. My phone was out of charge, they couldn’t look “– says Bafail.

Bafail and family members come from Mariupol to Zaporozhye and from there to Odessa. Several family members Ukraine crossed the border and went to Germany. O and His son moved to Moldova on March 28.

Azerbaijan news

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