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“Test, COVID passport, etc. requirements can be terminated today “


March 24 marks the second anniversary of the closure of Azerbaijan’s land borders. During this period, in the country, as well as in neighboring Georgia, Iran and Turkey and s. There have been several waves of pandemics in the countries. The Azerbaijani government has imposed a strict quarantine regime in accordance with the recommendations of the World Health Organization. Strict restrictions on reducing the level of infection have been gradually relaxed and Restrictions on mass gatherings, weddings and mourning ceremonies were completely lifted by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers on March 5 this year.

But for inexplicable reasons, the country’s land borders are closed and This causes severe deprivation and material losses to citizens. Currently in the country weather way It is possible to come with a PCR test, Covid passport must be presented. Most countries in the world, including neighboring countries, have long since lifted border restrictions.

During the pandemic, air tickets became more expensive several times and prices still remain high. As a result, the return of migrants working and studying in neighboring countries by plane does not suit their financial situation. For this reason Russia, Thousands of Azerbaijanis remain on the border with Georgia, who have been waiting for weeks to be allowed into the country. To the rules according to, A citizen of Azerbaijan, or a foreigner with a permanent residence or close relatives, may cross the border with the permission of the Operational Headquarters (OG). In this case, they must submit the permission code issued by the OG to the border service. This permission is not granted, and citizens face severe deprivation at the borders.

Lasting more than a month RussiaUkraine The war aggravated the situation in this area. Many Azerbaijanis who lost their jobs as a result of economic sanctions imposed on the occupying country are trying to return home. Given that that, most Russia Airlines have suspended flights to Azerbaijan, as well as AZAL with the neighboring country weather It is possible to imagine the scale of the problem facing our compatriots.

Azer Mammadov, who trades in St. Petersburg, says that, Tickets have already been returned 3 times: “You can return to Azerbaijan by flying from Moscow to Dubai or Istanbul, but the ticket price is $ 2,000. I came here to work for a thousand manats a month. At present, the ruble is “dead”, work has stopped, everything is becoming more expensive, it is no longer possible for migrants like us to live and work here. She according to Many Azerbaijanis like me are trying to return. But the borders are closed and flights are very expensive. Our state should take into account the situation of hundreds of thousands of Azerbaijanis here. “

Moscow Ismayil Mammadov, who is engaged in trade, says that, Migrant migration to Azerbaijan will begin. According to him according to The Azerbaijani government is concerned about the return of hundreds of thousands of people: “It simply came to our notice then that, The economic situation in the country is not good, part of the population lived on remittances from Russia and Ukraine. The situation here is known, and it is not convincing that it will be corrected in the near future. Because trade has sharply decreased, no goods come from abroad, no one buys and eats expensive fruits and vegetables. Life has stopped for those who work in construction, cafes and restaurants, those who work in the markets, those who are engaged in small trade. It is impossible to live without daily work. She according to The Azerbaijani government must take action to create conditions for its citizens to return to the country easily.

Recall that, Milli On the activities of the Cabinet of Ministers in the Parliament in 2021 reportAnswering the question of one of the deputies during the discussion, Prime Minister Ali Asadov said that, Although quarantine rules have been relaxed, the pandemic has not disappeared: “The Russian government will start on March 21 weather reopens space for Azerbaijan The government is also paying attention to the issue of Azerbaijanis remaining on the border with Dagestan. But no final decision has been made on them yet. “

Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Musa Ganiyev told that, At present, epidemiological conditions in our country are normal. According to him according towill pose a serious threat and or the percentage of not only occurring, that is, expected, or even probable, of any viral infection that will result in a lethal outcome is zero: “RNA currently observed in influenza condition and An increase in viral infections of adenovirus nature, the virus as a result of long-term strict quarantine measures and symbiosis between macroorganisms is associated with a violation of the principles of coexistence. That is, it is natural, not scary, it will soon disappear. I want to remind that, At present, the only reason for the complete stabilization of the situation with Covid 19 in our country is approaching the pre-pandemic level. This is the reality. This is the case, unlike other countries, us January and Complications of Covid 19 in February and saved from the battle of their deaths “.

The professor added that, Restriction on Covid 19 at the country borders and complete lifting of bans political is a decision. “She is OK that, I’m not alone in this decision execution I can comment on the fact that the mechanism is uncomplicated. I think so that, of this decision execution In order for the mechanism to be uncomplicated, the initial and The main condition is a serious statistic in the absolute sense of the epidemiological situation in other countries and conducting scientific analysis, researching the current real situation and is an assessment. In my opinion, the complete abolition of some restrictive border requirements for entry into the country should not be completed earlier than one year from the date of official approval of the strains of Covid 19 (May 31, 2021), ie May 31, 2022. Starting June 1, surface, air, water and s. All related border restrictions may be unconditionally lifted. As for leaving the country, I think that, If the “guest country” does not require special entry, a PCR test, an immune passport and s. Such demands can be stopped from today “– M. Ganiyev emphasized.


Azerbaijan news

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