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‘Xiaomi lowers performance of its smartphones during mobile games’

Famous Geekbench one of the representatives of the benchmark site Xiaomi Mi 11 presented unusual test results of the smartphone model. The point is here that, the usual test results of the smartphone are normal. However, when launching mobile games in the test, the performance of the smartphone dropped significantly. Being one of the creators of Geekbench benchmark site John Poole own Twtter said in the account that, Xiaomi is slowing down the performance of its smartphones when launching certain applications. The list of these applications is integrated into the operating system. As a result, it is on the list and or the smartphone’s performance automatically drops when another application is launched.

For example, the name of the Geekbench application on the Mi 11 smartphone FortniteIndicators of the smartphone in the single-core test of Geekbench after changing to 30%while the indicators in the multinucleated test 15% fell down. The name of the same event benchmark application Genshin Impact was also observed after the game was replaced with a name. It is assumed that, Xiaomi is deliberately lowering the smartphone’s performance when launching high-resource applications that, smartphone overheating snowget the glass and extend battery life. Xiaomi has not previously officially announced that its smartphone has this feature. It should be noted that, the same situation some time ago Samsung was also observed on smartphones. As a result, Samsung has introduced a system update that eliminates this negative feature.

Azerbaijan news

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