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Apple will ban official repairs of lost or stolen iPhones

Macrumors Journalists of the website received documents on this issue. It was noted in the obtained documents that, The company plans to abandon the process of repairing devices with questionable history. Even if the device is not blocked by the previous user, the company will refuse to provide repair service. According to the information provided Apple company stores and service centers will check the devices for repair in the register of lost devices. If you are a technician and or lost to another device and or if it is found to be stolen, it will refuse to repair the device.

According to the information iPhoneUnlike blocking, this new strategy allows you to check your smartphone via serial number. Thus, even if the previous owner of the device did not block it, the device is lost and or it will be possible to determine whether it was stolen. Designed for this GSMA The registry acts as a global database and it is active in some countries. Apple It is unknown when this new decision to repair the devices will come into force. It is expected that the company’s official stores and service centers will receive a notification on this issue in the near future.

Azerbaijan news

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