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On April 1, a dangerous asteroid will pass close to Earth

1 April in history 2007 FF1 called asteroid of the Earth will pass nearby. NASA considers the asteroid to be one of the potential sources of danger. But most likely that, 2007 FF1 From Earth 7.4 million km will pass in the distance. And this with the Earth Ay the distance between 30 times is longer. 110-260 meters in diameter The asteroid in question is the closest asteroid to Earth (orbit Asteroids passing close to Earth) class.

Its orbit intersects with the Earth’s orbit. This is an asteroid The sun full cycle around 684 days realizes. 2007 FF1 has a slightly larger size and Because it flies so close to Earth, NASA considers it one of the most dangerous asteroids. A very obscure photo of the asteroid on March 24 Virtual Telescope was drawn by one of the astronomers of the project. At that time, the asteroid was from Earth 11.6 million km was located at a distance.

An obscure photo of the 2007 asteroid FF1. Its location is indicated by a small white arrow:

Computer modeling and Appointed thanks to new data from NASA that, there is no reason to worry and At present, the asteroid does not pose a threat to Earth. 1 April In history, it will approach the Earth at a maximum distance (7.4 million km). It should be noted that, Astronomers first discovered the asteroid in 2007 and from then on, it will be at the maximum distance to Earth.

In 2020, the asteroid passed close to Earth. That time distance 17.3 million km was organized. In addition, at that time he was moving at the speed at which he is now moving. So. that, The asteroid is currently 47,950 km per hour moves fast. Next time 2007 FF1 to Earth 2 April It will approach in 2037. According to forecasts, the asteroid will be from Earth during the next approach 7.9 million km will be in the distance.

Azerbaijan news

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