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‘Soldier, sergeant collects firewood from mined area’

According to F.Ismayilov according tomilitary unit generator, drinking water, food has not been able to solve the problem for months: “Bribes and corruption snowışıb… ”.

According to him according tosergeant staff for soldiers from their salaries food buys and brings that, prevent disease: “They don’t send firewood, but soldiers and sergeants collect firewood from the mined area. The commander of my unit informs the higher command about the problems and their solutions, but to no avail.

He noted that, Although he appealed to the State Security Service, the Military Prosecutor’s Office and the Ministry of Defense, the problem is not resolved: “Sir President you say yourself that, Azerbaijan has a strong army. Yes, there is, it is a strong enough army, but you are not interested in a soldier of this army, you have never been in contact with a soldier once. ”

F.Ismayilov then asks: “You call an army with a monthly allowance of 13 manat a strong army!”

This statement social also spread in networks.

In connection with all this “TuranThe agency appealed to the Ministry of Defense. The ministry told the agency that, marital status of each serviceman in military service, social status, position in society and Irrespective of other factors, it provides services in accordance with the requirements of the charter: “The same attention from the command and are covered with care. Servicemanflour The views expressed in the known appeal are false and unfounded. Such inadequate speeches serve the purposes of the forces that want to damage the reputation of our Army.

The State Security Service in connection with this and The Military Prosecutor’s Office could not be reached for comment.

A journalist who has been in the military for nine months Farid Ismayilov He is dissatisfied with the conditions in the military unit of the Ministry of Defense. “Turan”Agency reports according to, he said about it himself. He stressed that he already has serious health problems.


Azerbaijan news

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