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US intelligence: They are hiding the truth from Putin

The U.S. official says that, Putin in any case, he feels that the military is hiding the real situation on the front from him
U.S. intelligence estimates according to Russia advisers to President Vladimir Putin Russia They hide the truth about the “real achievements” of their troops in Ukraine.
The Associated Press quoted an official from the US administration, who did not want to be named, as saying.
According to that official according tofor example, the participation of conscripts in military operations and His death is being kept secret from Putin.
Russia the president had said before that, Only contract soldiers are involved in what Moscow calls a “special operation.”
However, later the Russian Defense Ministry announced the participation of conscripts in military operations in Ukraine and he admitted that some had been taken prisoner.
The ministry said that, Conscripts taken to Ukraine have already been returned to Russia.
Putin instructed the prosecutor’s office to investigate such cases.
According to the official according to Putin is also hiding the true scale of the damage caused by Western sanctions to the country’s economy.
An administration spokesman claimed that, Putin’s entourage is afraid to tell him the truth.
However, the official also notes this that, Putin in any case, he feels that the military is hiding the real situation on the front from him.
Contradictions and strategic mistake
This is also noted that, Such a situation has already caused some controversy between Putin and military leaders.
Putin has been less visible in the public eye since Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine began.
During his few speeches president Emphasizes that the “special operation” went according to plan.
Russia officially “demilitarizes” Ukraine and He did not back down from the idea of ​​”denasification”.
Despite this Ukraine The head of the Russian delegation Vladimir Medinsky said in talks with that, Kiev NATORefusal to join and Commitment to neutrality meets Moscow’s basic requirements.
Confidentiality has just been lifted over this information from US intelligence.
Before that president Cho Biden refused to talk about intelligence.
An administration official said that, Russian forces have suffered heavy losses in the current stagnant war in Ukraine.
Disillusionment is reported among Russian servicemen, who are facing fierce opposition from Ukrainians.


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