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According to scientists, the oldest observatory in America was built by an unknown civilization

Located in Peru Çankillo The archeological complex has unique features that have not been seen anywhere else in the world. So. that, inks before establishing their empires in present-day Peru and The sun A civilization unknown long before it worshiped its god is the oldest on the American continent Solar observatory had built. The Chankillo Archaeological Complex in the desert near the Pacific coast13 towers”From the Solar Observatory, temple and settlements and consists of a place for meetings of local residents. According to scientists, this archeological complex was once a place for various rituals and Used to observe the sun. In addition, archaeologists have come to this conclusion that, Representatives of the ancient civilization that built this complex From the solar calendar were able to use.

According to archaeologists, the observatory itself 500 BC200s was built between. But no more in the 1st century AD The complex was abandoned for unknown reasons. The Solar Observatory called “13 Towers” gave him according to so called that, it consists of 13 towers and These towers were built on the top of the hill from north to south. The distance between each tower is the same. The length of this line of towers is approximate 300 meters contane. It can be seen by looking at different points of the line of towers that, This observatory shows the exact position of the sun at sunrise and sunset throughout the year. for example of the summer agenda On the day of its occurrence, the sunrise is visible on the right side of the last tower on the right. Winter agenda on the day of its occurrence, the sunrise is visible on the left side of the last tower on the left.

These towers are so well placed that, The observer, who is close to the hill, only sees the sunrise for a few days and by observing the sunset, he could determine which season of the year prevailed. For example, a night in September and the moment when the day is equal to the sixth of the Sun. and the direction between the seventh tower can be determined by the sunset. There is almost no information about the ancient civilization that built such an observatory. But most likely that, That civilization was one of the oldest civilizations in America. He is from the age of the Inca civilization 1000 il is great. Chankillo complex Kasma and Select between the rivers called coast located in the desert. That’s it according to archaeologists have built this complex to an ancient civilization Kasma-Select gave the name. Last year, this complex UNESCO-nun To the World Heritage List was included.

Azerbaijan news

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