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“I buried his shroud and shirt in a false grave …”


As we reported, captured today and The State Commission on Missing and Hostage-Taken Citizens has announced the list of 62 Azerbaijani servicemen registered as missing in the battles for the Farrukh Heights in the First Karabakh War.

Dadashov Ilham, a serviceman killed at the age of 19, is on the list Adil his son also has a name.

Let `s note that, A few days ago, journalist Vusala Mammadova shared information about the mother of the martyr.

“Elmira in the picture is Mrs.

His son Ilham was killed on Mount Farrukh when he was 19…

September 19, 1992…

Armenians did not give his son’s medicine…

“With the” blood money “given by the state, I built a false grave for my son,” he said.

“A half-meter shroud and I folded his shirt and buried it to comfort him. ”

He hopes to hear that a mass grave has been discovered in Farrukh that, He will be able to bury his son in 30 years…

This is the story of an Azerbaijani mother. It is impossible to comment, “the journalist wrote.

Azerbaijan news

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