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New information has been provided about the iPhone rental service in exchange for a monthly subscription from Apple

The information came out a few days ago that, Apple company monthly subscription to their devices snowis working on a rental service. According to analysts, the company wants to change the business of providing smartphones for retail to the monetization of the existing user base. Now on the Internet Apple The first information about the company’s new subscription service has appeared. New information about this scheme of the company Morgan Stanley leading analyst of the corporation Katy Huberty issued by. According to him, a monthly subscription snowin his splendor Apple The scheme of using devices will move users from one-time purchases to repeated purchases.

It is assumed that, The average Apple user is one of the company’s devices and use the software according to from the average price available $ 1 willing to pay more. According to the information, the company can provide users with several subscription options in this regard. For example, a budget subscription can allow you to use a new Apple product every 24 months. Thanks to the higher price subscription system, users get new devices and other benefits can be obtained in a faster time interval. And thanks to this, Apple is one of its products and will be able to get detailed statistics on the use of services.

Katy Huberty thinks that, The monthly subscription scheme will shorten the device update period and will stimulate the development of new services. In case of rejection of retailers and intermediaries, more users will switch to this new scheme. Expectations of such monthly subscriptions from users Apple IDwill be connected to and from their balances to that subscription every month according to certain funds will be deducted. Analysts think that, Thanks to this subscription scheme, Apple will increase its revenue and will simplify the process of spending large sums of money for users to purchase new devices. As a result, users will be able to replace their iPhone models with new ones every year.

Azerbaijan news

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