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Older versions of Android have a new security feature

As a rule, new features are available for current smartphones with the latest versions of the operating system. However, there are some exceptions in this matter. Some time ago Google company Android 6has expanded the capabilities of the security system for smartphones with older operating systems. Users often install a large number of applications on their devices and most of them are used only in some cases. Sometimes, many of these applications are generally forgotten by users.

Mobile applications, in turn, from the camera, contacts on the user’s smartphone and have access to confidential information. Apps can access a user’s confidential information even when running in the background. In the fall of last year Google The company introduced a feature that automatically revokes such permissions from rarely used applications. At that time, the function in question only Android 11in and worked on newer versions of Android.

Now this feature is on Android 6 and has been activated in later Android versions. Because official updates for outdated operating systems are no longer available according to Older smartphone users will have to activate this feature individually. In the settings for this Google Play Protect will need to access the service. As a result, the feature will revoke permission to collect confidential information from applications that have not been used for months.

Azerbaijan news

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