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Putin signed a decree to sell gas to Europe only in rubles

Russia presidents Vladimir Putin some countries Russia gassigned a decree aimed at forcing him to open special accounts to buy in rubles.

Putin said after signing the decree that, From April 1, countries that Russia considers “unfriendly” must open special “K-accounts” and Russia gasThey must make payments to this account.

According to him according to The paid currency will be converted into Russian rubles in these accounts.

Putin as well as said that, Countries that refuse this payment system will have violated the terms of the agreement.

Europe leaders Russia gasThey refused to pay rubles. They say that, this is Russia snowmay undermine sanctions.

Putin’s “guarantee” and “Blackmail”

Chancellor of Germany Olaf Scholz he said that, According to existing agreements, payments for Russian gas are made mainly in euros and in some cases in dollars.

He said in a telephone conversation with Putin on March 30 that the payment would continue in this way.

He said that, The union will reconsider Putin’s decree.

Minister of Economy of Germany Robert Habek he said that, Respect for existing contracts is “mandatory” and Europe countries will not submit to “Putin’s blackmail”.

Need analysis

Prime Minister of Italy Mario Dragi he said that, Putin assured him that Europe would not have to pay rubles for gas.

Dragi said that, Putin’s decree requires analysis:

“It simply came to our notice then according to It will not be easy to change the system of foreign exchange payments without violating existing agreements.

Britain also said that, Russia will not pay rubles for gas.

Russia to Ukraine for no reason and groundless attack according to sanctions imposed on the financial system and thus targeting the Russian ruble.

Analysts say that, Putin to avoid sanctions with this decree and aims to save the ruble.

The United States has completely banned the import of all types of energy from Russia.


Azerbaijan news

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