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Scientists have determined that the rings of Saturn are in the process of destruction

Scientists have come to this conclusion as part of a new study that, Saturn The rings of the planet began to disappear. But the good news is that, this process is very slow and Scientists still have plenty of time to observe those rings. Every year, Saturn’s planetary rings with material loss snowthey get bored. So. that, Coming to Saturn micrometeorites and Solar radiation affecting the dust particles in the rings, balancing them with the lines of Saturn’s magnetic field. When dust particles approach the upper part of the planet’s atmosphere at a very close distance, gravity pulls them into the planet. and as a result, they evaporate in the clouds of the planet. This processring rainIs called and as a result and or other factors will gradually destroy the distinctive feature of Saturn.

According to experts, for the complete destruction of the planet’s ring system 300 million years need time. Although the rings around Saturn seem to be a constant feature for us, NASAof Cassini Analysis of the photos obtained by the mission showed it that, on a cosmic scale, those rings are actually very young. So. that, they are 10100 million years were created before. But scientists still know how Saturn rings and they do not know why they were created. According to one of the main theories on this issue, if the rings are so young, it is likely that, they are the approach of some former Saturn satellite to the planet at a very close distance and as a result, they split into smaller space objects.

Azerbaijan news

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