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Whatsapp has added new features related to voice messages

Whatsapp The developers said that new features related to voice messages have been added to the messenger. New features that frequently use voice messages Whatsapp should be useful to users. The functions mentioned earlier Whatsappwere active in the beta version of. But now they are available in a stable version of the messenger. The new features will gradually become active for everyone. So here are 6 new features added to Whatsapp related to voice messages:

– Be able to listen to the received voice message outside the chat. So. that, The user can easily switch to another chat when it is easy to listen to the voice message in one chat. In this case, the voice message will not be stopped automatically

– Stop the process of writing a voice message and you can then continue where you left off

– You can also stop the voice message when it is easy to listen to. The user can then continue listening to the voice message from where he stopped when he returns to the chat

– Visualization of voice message. When the voice message is easy to listen to, sound waves will be reflected on the interface

– After that, it will be possible to listen to the written voice message before sending it

1.5x and 2x Acceleration is already active for forwarded voice messages as well as forwarded voice messages.

Azerbaijan news

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