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Apple and Meta have passed on user information to hackers who identify themselves as law enforcement

According to the information provided Apple and Meta companies have provided confidential information of their users to fraudsters who identified themselves as US law enforcement officers. This event took place in mid-2021 and As part of it, companies scam users’ addresses and phone numbers and IP submitted their addresses. Although such information is provided after a court decision, there are exceptions in some emergencies.

The scammers used this opportunity to demand that companies provide user information as soon as possible. According to the information Snap The same request was sent to the company. However, it is not yet known whether Snap will provide user information. According to some reports, this incident Discordalso affected. Cybersecurity According to some experts in the field, the United States is behind such an incident and or minors from England may have stopped.

According to the information, the stolen user account of a law enforcement officer darknetis very easy to get at. Just for that 10-50 $ need to pay. In addition to the police and or after receiving an email from another State Department, scammers may be familiar with the templates used to compile such requests sent to companies. According to experts Microsoft Exchangecyber attack on victimThe situation with the sale of police e-mail accounts has worsened since the recent crackdown on law enforcement.

Although large companies have special portals on the way to receive inquiries 24/7 even in mode police Ordinary letters from domains are also considered. Some experts have noted that, Employees of companies that analyze such letters often assume responsibility for providing information in emergencies. This situation is also aggravated by it that, Apple and Companies like Meta provide data from dozens of countries throughout the year 10They get thousands of letters. Most of these letters are followed and the information is passed to law enforcement agencies. So. that, Most of the incoming letters cover emergencies and As a result, the issue of ensuring the safety of real people remains.

Azerbaijan news

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