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New messaging features have been added to Instagram

Some time ago Instagramhead of Adam Mosseri reported that, This year, the developers of the photo service will focus on Instagram messages and New features related to this issue will be introduced. These new features have already been launched. Thus, among the features used is the ability to respond to messages received on Instagram directly from the home page. After that, the user is and or without stopping watching other content and will be able to respond to incoming messages directly from the home page without going to the message section.

In addition users and or they will be able to send 30-second fragments of other music via text message. This is a function Apple and Amazon integrated through the support of streaming services of companies and near time Spotify music service support will also be added. Also Share A new menu will be presented to the user by clicking and holding the button for a few seconds and This menu will allow you to send your favorite content to 4 friends. At the top of the message section will be a list of subscribers who are online in real time. These new features will be gradually activated for everyone.

Azerbaijan news

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