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The secret of Putin’s love for Altai: a bath made of deer antlers …


Investigative journalists report that, Russia Ten doctors accompany President Vladimir Putin on his visits. President He is interested in alternative medicine, for example, taking a bath of deer antler ointment.

Proekt, an independent media group, came to this conclusion after examining various documents during an investigation into Putin’s 70th birthday. that, In 2016-2017, the president was accompanied by an average of 5 doctors.

In November 2016 Putin 5 days public snownot seen in the glass. In those days, the Russian sanatorium in Sochi housed 12 medical workers at the same time.

In 2019, the number of doctors accompanying him increased to 9.

According to the project, oncologist Yevgeny Selivanov was one of the doctors who often accompanied the president. He specializes in thyroid problems.

The publication also writes that Putin is interested in taking a bath with antler ointment.

Russia Sergei Shoigu, then the Minister of Emergency Situations, was named as the first person in the elite to show interest in the bath. He still is 20In the mid-2000s, he took the president to Altai, convincing him of the benefits of the procedure. This ointment improves the functioning of the cardiovascular system and rejuvenates the skin.

On one of the next trips Putin entered such baths, made of deer antlers, with a specific odor. Experts have warned him that there is no serious scientific evidence about the benefits of antlers.

However Putin liked this procedure so much that, Since then, he has visited Altai several times.

Russia Presidential Spokesman Dmitry Peskov answers Putin’s question about thyroid cancer that, What is written about this is nonsense.

Let `s note that, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and Senior officials from the US-led Five Eyes intelligence alliance made the announcement, citing Kremlin sources. that, Putin, brain dysfunction caused by cancer treatment and Suffers from Parkinson’s disease.

Azerbaijan news

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