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What do we know about Wagner?




Syria, Libya and Or those who have not been on the battlefields in the Central African Republic have probably never heard of Wagner.

Waqner Russia is an unofficial mercenary group with close ties to President Vladimir Putin.

Currently, members of the group are also involved in Putin’s war in Ukraine. Russia they fight together with their forces.

The number of Wagner members in Ukraine has more than tripled in the past month 1000 people passed.

Given Wagner’s past activities, the group’s emergence in eastern Ukraine, in the Russian-backed separatist-controlled Donbas region, is a cause for concern.

UNresearchers and human rights activists say that, So far, the Wagner group has targeted civilians in a number of conflict zones, carried out mass executions and looted property.

How did Wagner come about?

The group first met in 2014 Russia Appeared during the annexation of Crimea.

U.S. Government Wagner president Billionaire Yevgeny Prigogine, who has close ties to Vladimir Putin, claims to be financing it.

Prigogine has a restaurant business. For organizing luxurious official receptions for the President of Russia according to They also call him “Putin’s cook.”

Where did he get the name Wagner?

The group is named after retired Russian officer Dmitry Utkin.

Dmitry Utkin is the head of Wagner. That being said according toUtkin took the nickname Wagner in honor of Hitler’s favorite composer Wagner.

Although the Kremlin denies any connection to the Russian Wagner (Dmitry Utkin), Utkin has a photo with Putin.

Where is Wagner located?

The group is not registered as a legal entity anywhere in the world.

Russian law prohibits the presence of mercenaries in the country. But unofficially, there are mercenaries.

It is considered that, The presence of mercenaries allows Russia to reduce the number of official casualties on the battlefield, as well as to cover up the atrocities, that is, to deny involvement in the brutal violence.

Why does Russia need mercenaries in Ukraine?

Jeremy Fleming, director of the British e-intelligence agency, believes that US intelligence experts, including that, Putin that additional forces with combat experience had suffered heavy losses to Ukraine according to sends.

According to Jeremy Fleming, Russia has its own mercenaries victim seeks to reduce the number of official military losses by giving.

Where does the Wagner group gather fighters?

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said some of the group’s fighters are in Syria and He is believed to have been recruited from Libya.

According to him according toRussia recruits Wagner fighters to support troops in eastern Ukraine (Donbas).

That is one reason that, Wagner is a group that has gained combat experience in the Donbas for the past eight years.

In what countries is Wagner used?

Wagner members are Syria, Libya and the Central African Republic and Ukraine along with Sudan, Mali and He also fought in Mozambique.

In carrying out the tasks of authoritarian leaders in these states, they sometimesgas He seized the fields and, as a result, indirectly strengthened Russia’s interests and influence in those territories.

Increasingly, the Wagner group is trying to legitimize its activities as a kind of Western military supplier.

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