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When will the iPhone with Touch ID integrated into the screen be introduced?

iPhone 14 Although the smartphone series is expected to be launched in September, information about it is already emerging. It should be noted that, in February Apple The company received a patent for fingerprint scanning technology integrated into the screen. However, it seems that the integration of this technology into iPhones will have to wait a while. Formerly a well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo reported that, according to patent documents Apple integrated into the screen Touch ID technology iPhone model can already present in 2023.

But now the analyst said that, likely that, In 2023, this will not happen. So. that, Software with the technology available on iPhones Apple satisfies the company. Analyst added that, such an iPhone may not be available at all in 2024 and is now able to scan the face of the user using a protective mask Face ID technology is an excellent biometric method. Having previously been another popular insider Ross Young reported that, such an iPhone could be introduced in 2024. It should also be noted that, Apple is constantly improving its Face ID technology.

Azerbaijan news

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