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The economist spoke about the impact of sanctions that will bring Russia down: “Until the summer…”

Moscow State University, Faculty of Geography, Russian Economics and social Professor of Geography Natalia Zubarevich Russia spoke about the changes that already exist in the economy.

According to him according toTo Russia snowThe sanctions have had a significant impact on the country’s economic situation, but their full impact will be in the summer of this year:

“Against the background of the imposed sanctions, the problems are just beginning,” he said. All enterprises working with imported components will suffer. Everyone had reserves and o, April-exhausted in May. What will they work with after that? See, this is not clear. Restrictive measures will also affect the engineering sector. But so far such problems have appeared very rarely, because everyone had a reserve. Companies Russia due to leaving the market car The industry has also undergone changes.

Zubarevich added that, Russia Citizens are likely to see an increase in unemployment by the summer:

“It is impossible to say anything about unemployment yet, because people are not fired, they are sent on vacation. and they pay part of their salaries. By the summer, its level will also increase, because in Russia, according to the Labor Code, to keep people busy and They can be paid for at least three months. ”

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Azerbaijan news

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