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Explosion at nightclub in Baku: 1 killed, 31 injured – NAMES

The Ministry of Emergency Situations has issued a statement on the victims of the explosion at a nightclub in Baku.

The report says:

“Fire in a night club located on Tarlan Aliyarbayov Street, Sabail district, Baku and The search and rescue operation carried out by the forces of the Ministry of Emergency Situations in connection with the explosion, which resulted in the destruction, has ended.

As a result of reconnaissance operations at the scene, the body of one person found under the rubble was removed and handed over to the relevant authorities.

Search and rescue operation FHNSpecially trained search dogs of the Special Risk Rescue Service were also involved.

Let `s note that, Earlier, it was reported that the deceased was a woman.

The names of some of the people injured in the incident have been identified: Fatullazade Aykhan Eldar oglu (2001 year old), Aslan Guliyev, Jafarov Rauf Rufat oglu, Asadzade Rufana Mais gizi, Maharramov Ramil Ayatshah oglu (born in 1987), Aliyeva Sultana Ilham gizi (born in 1987), Abdulrahmanli Tural Tariel oglu (born in 1990), Gurbanov Kamran Nariman oglu (born in 1996), Bagirova Farida Faig gizi (Born in 1989), Fargana Eynullayeva (1999), Gulbala Abdullayev, Alakbarova Laman Najaf gizi (2001), Samira Mahmudlu (1989), Fidan Huseynova.


Azerbaijan news

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