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A man suspected of plotting to assassinate the President has been arrested

In Kazakhstan president A man suspected of plotting to assassinate Kasim-Jomart Tokayev has been arrested

In Kazakhstan president Kasim-Jomart Tokayev A man suspected of plotting to assassinate has been arrested.

Of Kazakhstan national security agency – KNB said on April 3 that, The unnamed man worked for the intelligence services of an unnamed country and the spread of “Russophobic views” in the country, among other crimes and anti-Russia engaged in propaganda.

KNB reports that, He is a citizen of Kazakhstan, as well as other officials and planned attacks on law enforcement officers.

This is also reported that, suspect sniper rifle, illegal items and in large quantities dollars was confiscated.

The statement said that, The suspect confessed to working for foreign intelligence. The statement did not say from which country the conversation took place.

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The Kazakh government is still trying to strengthen its position after the violent protests that began in Zhanaozen last January and spread throughout the country.

During the protests, Tokayev invited the Russian-led Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) to restore order in the country.

Those protests also led to the resignation of his post in 2019, but the former retained real power president Nursultan Nazarbayevb snowwas directed.

In mid-March, Nazarbayev’s close associates, including his nephew Kairat Satıbaldı was arrested.

Officials say he was arrested on corruption charges.

Kazakhstan, which is extremely cautious about Russia, visited Moscow last week snowHe said he would comply with international sanctions.

Nevertheless, dozens of bloggers in the country and active “anti-Russia propaganda ” according to arrest and was convicted.


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