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Computer modeling has confirmed the possibility of a life form in Jupiter’s satellite Europe

Jupiter The planet is famous not only for its large size, but also for its large number of existing satellites. Many interesting discoveries have already been made about Jupiter’s satellites. As part of recent research, scientists have speculated that, Jupiterin Europe A type of life may exist on a satellite called. But it’s still that, proved through computer modeling. Located in Austin Texas Of the University According to researchers, the salt water formed in the ice sheet of Europe is under the ice sheet 15 kmcan deliver oxygen to the underground ocean at a depth of According to preliminary estimates, the amount of dissolved oxygen in the European oceans is equal to the amount of dissolved oxygen in the Earth’s oceans.

Computer modeling showed it that, Salt water is formed in the gradually melting parts of the European ice sheet. That salt water with oxygen snowcan work. Oxygen molecules in turn are exposed to sunlight and It is formed under the influence of Jupiter radiation. As a result, salt water may leak into the lower parts of the ice sheet. According to scientists, there is enough oxygen to support life in Europe’s underground oceans. So. that, water, oxygen generated on the surface of the satellite 86%hits For the year 2024 NASAs planned Europa Clipper The mission will provide more detailed information on the amount of oxygen and other components needed to sustain life on the satellite.

Azerbaijan news

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