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In exchange for a subscription, you were informed about the monthly rental rates for iPhones

Bloomberg site journalist Mark Gurman Apple monthly subscription of the company snowin his splendor iPhone has provided new information about the service, which will provide models. Own new reportThe journalist noted the expected payment tariffs for iPhones. Gourmet said that, This new service does not involve a one-time purchase of a smartphone and to it according to also he is 24 months old credit snowwill be cheaper than the existing scheme to update the iPhone. According to his forecasts, the monthly payment for iPhones to be rented will be as follows:

– iPhone 13 – $ 35

– iPhone 13 Pro – $ 45

– iPhone 13 Pro Max – $ 50.

In addition to renting the device, as well as a monthly subscription Apple other services of the company may also be included. For example Apple One subscription and or designed for extensive maintenance AppleCare can bring the program. It is assumed that, The company will first use this new subscription system to increase its revenue. Currently, according to statistics, Apple users update their iPhone model on average every 3 years. The total cost of the user’s iPhone during this period $ 825 contane.

But thanks to the new subscription system, Apple for the same period $ 1260 will earn income. In addition, it will be possible to earn extra income by selling the smartphone, which will be returned by the user, on the second-hand market. It will be the advantage that consumers will get from this subscription system that, they are and or they won’t have to pay a one-time large fee for another iPhone model and As a result, thanks to this new service, they will be able to update their iPhones every year. According to reports, Apple monthly subscription snowwill announce the iPhone rental service either later this year or early next year.

Azerbaijan news

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