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Russia is concentrating its forces in the east and south

USA national security adviser Jake Sullivan he said that, Russia currently troops in Ukraine in the east of the country and regroups in the south.

Sullivan told a White House briefing on April 4:

“We are confident at this stage that, Russia reconsiders its war objectives and all currently in focus Ukraine not to the territory of its east and directed to the southern parts. ”

Sullivan said that, Most likely, Russia’s goal is in this region Ukraine to overcome the forces and to besiege it:

Russia then to imagine that he has won any tactical success and it can use it to cover up its previous military failures. ”

“It simply came to our notice then that, The West did not break “

Salivan warned that, Russia Kyiv withdrew its forces and sought to redouble its efforts to expand pro-Moscow separatists’ control of the Donbas.

USA national The security adviser also said so that, Russia’s military will do its best to control the city of Kherson.

But Sullivan of Russian forces Kyiv He called it a “retreat” and he said that, Moscow Kyiv failed to achieve its goals in the direction of.

He said that, US military to Ukraine and will continue its humanitarian support:

“It simply came to our notice then that, The West did not break. “

Sullivan said as well that, The United States is consulting with its allies to impose new sanctions on Russia over the Bucha massacre.

The United States will mediate the delivery of Soviet tanks to Ukraine

Tanks made in the United States (USA) Europe It will mediate the transfer of EU countries to Ukraine.

With reference to the White House The New York Times informs. For information according toWashington Ukraine decided to mediate at the request of President Volodymyr Zelensky. It is said that in the near future the supply of tanks that can be controlled by the Ukrainian military will begin.

How much equipment will be transported to Ukraine? and Information on which countries will be provided is not disclosed.

The newspaper notes that, The armament will allow the Ukrainian military to strike Russian targets in the Donbass.

They write the media that, The arrival of tanks can take about five weeks. Also to the Ukrainian military facilities of the Russian army and Air strikes on cities could be another sign of a new phase of the war.


Azerbaijan news

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