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Russia loses more money a day than it spent on the last Karabakh war


Military operations in Ukraine Russia per day 20 billion US dollars dollarsi spends. Official figures have not been released, but various intelligence agencies and research centers and consulting services mainly rely on this amount. Ukraine According to the Ministry of Finance according to to work Kyiv to every day of the war 335 mln. USA dollarsspends close to money.

So are the experts Ukraine The first month of the war cost Moscow more than $ 600 billion. This is a huge amount, almost equal to all the gold and foreign exchange reserves of Russia. We must also take it into account that, As a result of Western sanctions, the Kremlin is deprived of access to two-thirds of its reserves.

Since the end of March Russian army Kyiv and To retreat around Chernigov and began to concentrate its forces in eastern Ukraine. Defense Minister Shoigu called it “in the first phase of the operation.” snowthat the tasks assigned to the Shiites have been fulfilled ”and now the force and The main issue of opportunities – the fullness of the Donbas free “Don’t focus on doing it,” he said.

But no one believed him outside his own country. Of Ukraine and Western military experts interpret the Russian minister’s statement as follows:Kyiv attack on a large front failed, the whole of Ukraine “free The plan to “do” was not taken, now to reduce Moscow’s appetite and he only has to cleanse Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts of “Nazis.”

However, economists accustomed to monetizing everything give a different meaning to Shoigu’s words: “Russia is overwhelmed by the burden of a war in which it has spent too much money. In addition to narrowing the front line to reduce the Kremlin’s costs way does not remain. Ukraine destroying cities Russiain fact, bankrupted itself. “

A number of analysts have claimed since the early days of the war that, The West did not rush to end the war, but delayed the decision on the necessary military measures. I remember the words of a famous scientist who is well acquainted with both the thinking and behavior of the leaders of the superpowers: “The United States will not fight in this war itself, but will fight to the last Ukrainian.”

The prolongation of the war deprives Russia. None of the countries that have more or less real access to Moscow is willing to stand by it. But Putin he cannot return home empty-handed from the battlefield. He will still feel the real losses of the war and He wants to plunder at least two Ukrainian provinces for his people, who will have to endure the weight of sanctions for a long time. However, the Russian president called for a “special operation” in Ukraine in the Donetsk and Luhansk Although he was able to “partially” succeed, he has already seriously questioned the future of his country.

How much have wars cost other countries so far?

The largest war in history – World War II – cost the United States at least $ 1.6 trillion dollarsdemanded an amount of i. At that time, the USSR was at war with an average of more than 60 million people a day, Germany 10He had to spend up to $ 0 million. Record spending is daily on the war Allocating more than $ 130 million The United States has taken responsibility.

Until March 2022, America will remain the “biggest sponsor of the war” in the world:

  • Expenditures on the war in Vietnam – $ 132 million per day;
  • Expenditures on military operations in Afghanistan – $ 300 million per day;
  • Expenditures on the second Iraqi military campaign – $ 378 million per day;
  • Expenditures on the war in the Persian Gulf – 555 mln.

Now it has been replaced by Russia.

How much money was spent on the 44-day Karabakh war?

Azerbaijan 2020We are particularly interested in how much money he spent on the last Karabakh war in September-November. There is no clear information about this. The media mainly quote officials’ statements about the cost of the destruction and the extent of the damage to the opponent’s military-technical potential. Sometimes experts publish their assumptions about the amount of money spent directly on the war. The large difference between these figures can be explained by the variety of information cited by experts, as well as the methodologies used in the calculation. However, we must note that, The figures range from around $ 40 million to $ 60 million a day.

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