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“The population will become poorer, unemployment and migration will increase” – the future awaits Moscow

“The appreciation of the Russian ruble is on paper, it’s an official record and report, as well as to settle accounts with foreigners. In fact, Russian banks are physically dollars does not sell, at the rate officially stated by any bank dollars impossible to buy. If dollars If it is not sold, what is the meaning of its exchange rate in rubles? Can you take your ruble to the bank and exchange it for dollars at the official exchange rate, as far as I know, because there are no dollars on sale physically. If possible, go and exchange rubles for dollars. Russia with great difficulty in selling their goods in rubles outside the CIS snowThe West will not go for it, with China and With Turkey national Currencies can be traded in part. This will not lead the ruble out of the crisis. “

This was stated by expert Gubad Ibadoglu.

Ibadoglu noted that, Various black markets will appear in Russia, cash turnover will increase, the scale of the shadow economy will grow: “After a while, the private sector will grow. and There will be delays in the payment of salaries of state enterprises. But I’m not saying that, There will be famine and poverty in Russia. Most of Russia’s population will be content with the existing ones, in short, it will adapt to the new situation and they will find the grass and live, it will just change that, supermarkets, department stores will not be able to fill their shelves with different assortments as before, more and more mini-markets and will turn into boutiques, the population Russia will travel not from abroad, but from East to West, from West to East, and those who have currency to rest in Turkey, China, Thailand, Egypt, Central Asia and They will go to the Caucasus. The population will become poorer, unemployment and migration will increase, and the Russians themselves will leave the country to earn money abroad. Most non-Russians living there will be forced to return to their homeland.


Azerbaijan news

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