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Three Russian activists were detained while distributing newspapers

They printed and distributed the Zvezda online magazine’s Vestnik Zvezdy newsletter at home.

Three Russian activists in PermRussia Defamation of the Armed Forces of the Federation. They flew from Moscow to Ukraine last month snowThey were charged after copying and distributing a copy of an online newspaper covering the war.

“Also from the website of the Ministry of Defense information there was “

One of the activists Olqa Turpanova told RFE / RL on April 3 that, The day before, he was briefly detained along with two other activists. They printed and distributed the Vestnik Zvezdy newsletter of the online magazine Zvezda at home.

“We were detained while distributing the newspaper in the city center. The newspaper reported on the special operation in Ukraine informationincluding from the website of the Ministry of Defense information there was “ Turpanova said they were released after being charged.

He said all three activists denied the charges.

Zvezda is also blocked

Russia to Ukraine on February 24 snowSince the beginning of the war, the media regulator Roskomnadzor has restricted access to information about the war. The organization has banned the word “war” or “occupation” and uses the term “special military operation.”

March 3 President Vladimir Putin Russia to spread “deliberately false news” about the army according to He signed a law that provides for imprisonment for up to 15 years.

Since then, a number of media outlets in Russia have ceased operations. The Kremlin has blocked a number of foreign media outlets.

Zvezda said last week that, will publish an A4 bulletin every Friday, which people can print and distribute among relatives and friends.

In early March, Zvezda’s website was blocked at the request of Roskomnadzor. After that, the materials of the online magazine social began to spread on media networks.


Azerbaijan news

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