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‘Contact’ to ‘Autism Day’ great video and support campaign

On the eve of Autism Awareness Day, the Kontakt chain of stores has launched a new charity event to draw attention to people with autism and support their development. Action Special donation boxes have been placed at the cash desks of all Kontakt Home stores. Donations are collected in these boxes every month “Together and “Autism Rehabilitation Center” under the “Healthy” Public Union will be transferred to the balance.

In order to attract more people to this charity project, as well as to bring more benefits to society, namely April Kontakt undertakes to double the total amount of donations to be collected in a month. For example, if April A total of 5,000 manat will be donated to Kontakt Autism Center each month 10 000 manat will transfer.

Autism is not a disease, it’s just a difference. To make a difference, you can go to any store in the network, donate to special boxes, and turn on the blue light with Autism for Contact.

Always corporate social Distinguished by its responsibility projects, Kontakt also includes a different approach to autism videoled to the wheel and social presented to the attention of viewers on the networks.

With great sympathy by the audience snowşılanan videoYou can also take a look at the wheel by following the link below:

Recall that, Kontakt, one of the country’s leading retail chains, is currently the exclusive distributor of world brands such as Dyson, Electrolux, WAHL, Toshiba, Black & Decker, Hoffmann in Azerbaijan, Samsung, LG, Bosch, Huawei, Realme, Sony, Panasonic, BQ, Sonorous, Elari, Thomas, Beurer, Karcher, H Gala, Cassore “, Official distributor of more than 30 international brands such as Simge furniture,”AppleIs the official sales center of the brand in our country.

At present, the network has a total of 35 stores across the country and 1 store in Georgia and There is an online store.

Azerbaijan news

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