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Satellite images show that the bodies remained in Bucha for weeks


Source: New York Times

Russia of soldiers Kyiv The alleged murders in the nearby Bucha caused a great resonance in the world. US President Co. Biden called his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin a “military villain.” However Russia He denies the allegations, calling them a “provocation” by Ukraine.

The New York Times writes that, Analysis of satellite images of the alleged corpses in Bucha Russia denies allegations that the soldiers appeared after leaving.

The article says that, The bodies of many civilians in Bucha had been on the streets for more than three weeks. At that time, the city was under the control of the Russian army.

The bodies have been on the streets since March 11

A video taken by a local council member on April 1 shows numerous bodies on Yablonska Street in Bucha. The Times shows images from the US company Maxar Technologies that, At least 11 of the bodies have been on the streets since March 11.

The newspaper’s Visual Investigation team analyzed satellite images to find out when civilians were killed. On March 9-11, black objects the size of a human body can be seen on Yablonska Street. Ukraine After the forces regained control of Bucha, a video released on April 1 found the bodies in the same spot where the bodies were reportedly found. The analysis showed that these facilities remained in the same position for more than three weeks.

The newspaper writes that the cause of death is unknown. Some of the bodies are in the summer of abandoned cars, some on bicycles, and some have their hands tied behind their backs with white towels.

There are three bodies in the video taken from Yablonska Street. Satellite images of those corpses in March 20-21 showed that he was in those areas.

The Associated Press published photos of at least six bodies behind the office building, some with their hands tied behind their backs. The building is located 1.6 km west of Yablonska Street.

The Pentagon cannot confirm or deny the allegations

The Pentagon, meanwhile, has said it is not in a position to independently confirm the alleged killings by Russian troops. A leading US defense official told Reuters that, There is no reason to dispute Ukraine’s information.

“We also see the photos you see. “We have no reason to deny Ukraine’s allegations of these obvious, deeply disturbing killings.”

“The Pentagon cannot independently confirm these allegations, but we are not in a position to refute them,” he said.

Numerous photos of the Russian Defense Ministry’s killings and videos Ukraine called the fraud of the party and on April 4 UN He called for an emergency meeting of the Security Council. Chairman of the Board on rotation Britain He rejected Moscow’s call.

Russia began occupying Ukraine on February 24. In recent days, the occupying forces, including in some parts of Ukraine Kyiv planted back around. The forces are said to be heading for the eastern Donbas region, with some going to Belarus.

Azerbaijan news

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