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The complaint of Eldar Hasanov and his children was not ‘no’

Former Attorney General and Ambassador Eldar Hasanov 10 He and his three children were sentenced to one year in prison and other relatives also appealed. Although the Baku Court of Appeal held a hearing on these complaints for about a month, the outcome did not change. On April 5, it was decided to uphold the verdict.
Children of the former ambassador in the appellate court and other relatives acted as interested parties. Because most of the real estate confiscated by the Baku Court of Grave Crimes is their property. It is also indicated in their complaints that, Hasanov was not an ambassador at all when some of the confiscated property was confiscated. Among them are ancestral properties purchased in 1994.
Hasanov Romania, Serbia, Bosnia and During his tenure as ambassador to Herzegovina, as well as to Montenegro, 17 million 931 thousand 316 manat of food was allocated from the funds allocated for the purchase of buildings for embassies, repair and construction work. and accused of waste.
The former ambassador also said in the court of appeal that, does not feel guilty. According to him according to, the charges consist of a set of words, no evidence has been presented to substantiate them. Noting that the verdict was issued by order, Hasanov called for its annulment and demanded his acquittal.
However Elmar The panel of judges chaired by Rahimov assessed his statement as self-defense. Hasanov and The appeals of relatives were not satisfied.
“Unfortunately that, The appellate court did not change such a clearly unfounded verdict, but upheld it without touching the semicolon. From the decision of the appellate court Ali We will appeal to the court, “Javad Javadov, the former ambassador’s lawyer, told RFE / RL.
The list of confiscated properties includes a country house in Nardaran settlement, a plot of land in Absheron district, Nasimi in Baku. and There are also apartments in Yasamal district and in Budva, Montenegro.
Eldar Hasanov large-scale embezzlement, crime way He is accused of money laundering, abuse of office, misuse of budget funds.
1995-20Hasanov, who was the Prosecutor General of Azerbaijan in the 1990s and later the ambassador to various countries20He was detained on August 13, 2006. He was prosecuted in a criminal case against foreign ministers under investigation by the State Security Committee. On August 24, the criminal case against Hasanov was dismissed.
Hasanov pleads not guilty and says the charges are baseless. The former ambassador claims that, certain figures represented in power political They lied to the President about the lawsuit.


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