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The new spacecraft of the European Space Agency will study 3 satellites of Jupiter

Everyone after 1 year Europe Space Agency (EKA) JUpiter ICy moons Explorer (JUICE) will talk about the spacecraft. Scientists as part of a unique mission in which the spacecraft will take part Jupiter will be able to study in detail the 3 satellites of the planet. Conversation, Europe, Callisto and Qanimed goes from satellites. But the interesting side of the mission is about it that, The JUICE spacecraft will orbit Ganymede and will examine it closely. New spacecraft according to ECA plans Ariane 5 next year via rocket April will be sent into space in In 2031, it will reach Jupiter and as a result, it will be the first spacecraft to reach Europe’s Jupiter system. The JUICE spacecraft will then spend 3.5 years on a mission to study Jupiter’s three satellites.

The device will examine Callisto and Europe only during a side flight from them. In September 2032, the spacecraft will enter the orbit of the satellite Ganimed and will carry out a detailed investigation of it. Ganimed will be the object of more attention in the mission. It is assumed that, the glacial cover of this satellite 10There is a liquid ocean at a depth of 0 km. The JUICE spacecraft, in turn, must detect the underground ocean on all three satellites. However, given that the spacecraft will enter the orbit of Ganimed, it is expected that he will study this satellite in more detail. The fact that ganimedes have magnetic fields indicates that they have an iron core inside them. The core is surrounded by metal components. These metal components in the earth’s core create magnetic fields.

Azerbaijan news

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