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The popular Airbnb service has suspended operations in Russia and Belarus

Famous for operating in the field of home rental Airbnb service Russia and It has suspended its activities in Belarus. Citizens of these countries will no longer be able to book a home in any foreign country via Airbnb. This was announced on the official website of the service. “Airbnb service Russia and It has suspended its activities in Belarus. And that means that, Russia and It is no longer possible to book houses in Belarus. In addition, citizens of these countries will not be able to book a house in any foreign country, “said Airbnb.

In addition, the report said that, The reservation of announcement calendars for these countries has also been suspended. That’s it according to It is also not possible to receive foreign guests in these countries via Airbnb. A statement from Airbnb did not provide further details. The service simply noted that, he is closely monitoring the current situation and more details will be provided later. It should be noted that, popular some time ago The service also ceased operations in Russia. For this reason, hotels in Russia are actively joining the alternatives to

Azerbaijan news

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