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What did the plans with the Council of Europe give to Azerbaijan or not?

Today, April 5, in Baku with Azerbaijan Europe An Action Plan covering 2022-2025 was presented between the Councils. Him Europe The Council of Ministers adopted it on February 16 this year. The total budget of the plan is 9.6 million euros. This plan is based on the Azerbaijani legislation, its practice, human rights, the rule of law and in the field of democracy Europe Coordinates compliance with Council standards. The document is aimed at supporting Azerbaijan’s efforts to fulfill its obligations as a member of the Council of Europe.
Previously, this organization’s 2014-2018 and 2018There were also action plans for 2021. These programs are aimed at increasing the judiciary in Azerbaijan, the human rights situation and provided for other issues.
During the current presentation President Habib Mikayilli, head of the department for work with international organizations of the Foreign Policy Department of the Administration, said that, Azerbaijan Council of Europe snowduly fulfilled its obligations. According to him according toAzerbaijan with the Council of Europe snowmutual respect and maintains relations on the basis of understanding.
Milli Assembly of the Council of Europe Parliament Member of the delegation to the Assembly (PACE) Asim Mollazade also saidTuran”He said that, The country has always cooperated successfully with this organization: “This is a multifaceted cooperation. I hope so that, This cooperation will develop in the interests of Azerbaijan, and the Council of Europe will continue to provide relevant support to Azerbaijan through this cooperation.
Deputyto the words of according tocurrently Azerbaijan is somewhat interesting that, The Council of Europe between the Armenian and Azerbaijani populations living in Karabakh during the post-conflict period snowhelp to increase mutual confidence.
He noted that, Democracy building and human rights are not a matter to be resolved in a short period of time: “Every nation is on the path to democracy, a lot needs to be done in this direction and any experience is natural that, can have a positive effect. But we see when we look at the history of Europe that, There is a lot of work to be done there now. “
Lawyer Anar Mammadli told RFE / RL that, He does not believe that this Action Plan will be different from the previous one: “Because there are no serious achievements with the previous Action Plans. There have been no significant changes in the development of the media, civil society or the judicial system in the country. These Action Plans are being signed, but there are problems in their implementation.
According to the expert according toThe Council of Europe has more of these Action Plans with government agencies execution “In the past, civil society was involved in their reception. Action programs civil society in other countries, political parties and with the participation of the media execution are. But there is an imitation process in Azerbaijan. It is as if there is a Council of Europe in Azerbaijan. In fact, the Council of Europe has been around for many years that, He left Azerbaijan, only his office remained here.
The presentation was also made by the Secretary General of the Council of Europe Maria Peychinovich Buric. APA reports according tohe said that, The plan was developed jointly with Azerbaijan and is based on reports from monitoring groups. To his emphasis according to, the goal is for the people of Azerbaijan to live in a democratic society, to accelerate the development of democratic institutions: “Our goal is to achieve real results. Many steps have been taken to implement previous plans.
It was noted in the speech that, Thousands of Azerbaijani lawyers master European rights in connection with the implementation of plans and He increased his experience in studying and participated in trainings. In addition, at the Academy of Justice judge and Trainings were organized for court staff.
According to MPBurich according toThere are positive achievements, but there are still problems in certain areas, such as freedom of expression, elections, and fairnessjudgeincludes areas.
Azerbaijan 20He has been a member of the Council of Europe since 01. Human rights, democratic elections when this country is a member of the organization and has made a number of commitments on other issues. Azerbaijan is still under the control of the organization.


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