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Abulfas Garayev had a hotel in the historical city of Europe …


Former Minister of Culture Abulfas Garayev has a three-storey hotel in Pula, Croatia.

Journalist Javanshir Hasanli shared this information.

We present this research:

“The historic Croatian city of Pula on the Adriatic coast is one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Europe. In the center of the city, the Amphitheater Square, where gladiatorial battles were held during the Roman period, attracts tourists from all over the world.

Near the Colosseum (circular amphitheater arena) is a three-star, three-storey hotel “Amphitheater” owned by former Minister of Culture Abulfaz Garayev. Abulfas Garayev owned this hotel 12 years ago. It was the culture of Azerbaijan at that time and the post of Minister of Tourism execution was doing.

The hotel is located at 6 Amphitheater Street in Pula, number 18 and consists of a spacious restaurant. It is an old historic building, and local authorities have allowed the building to be modernized under protection. At that time, the Croatian media was writing that, The hotel cost a “businessman” from Azerbaijan 1 million euros.

The investor is LK DOO (LTD) 20In 08 at Pulada Mutvoranska 3 address 20 thousand Croatian kunas are registered with the authorized capital. Real estate purchase and The founder of LK DOO, classified in the sales category, is Lala Kazimova, the wife of former Minister of Culture Abulfaz Garayev.

Croatian sources according toLK (abbreviation of the name of Lala Kazimova) 20 of LTD20Income in the year amounted to 604,712.00 HRK (Croatian currency).

Of the company executionas director Anar Nagiyev’s name appears in the documents. Anar Culture in the time of Nagiyev Abulfas Garayev and He worked as a consultant at the Ministry of Tourism.

He once YAP former labor who became an important figure of the elite and He is the nephew of the Minister of Social Protection Ali Nagiyev. Anar Nagiyev’s father was once Sabail and Binagadi districts police Nazim Nagiyev was the chief.

By the way, Ali Nagiyev Russia His son Araz Nagibeyli, who was engaged in business in the capital, was also the director of one of the companies belonging to the Garayev family.

At that time, the Croatian media visited the Garayevs’ hotel from two sources – Azerbaijan and He wrote that funds were invested from the United Arab Emirates. The information suggests that the money obtained by the Garayevs from the looting of Azerbaijani culture was transported to the UAE.

The Garayevs’ interest in the Adriatic coast does not end with this mysterious Croatian city. Former minister’s wife 2010In 2006, he opened a company of the same name in southern Montenegro, LKMontenegro, more than in Croatia. Through this company, the Garayevs also own real estate in Montenegro.

The company was actually registered on a large garden property they bought at 1 Srbina Street, Herzeg Novi, a small resort town on the Adriatic coast of the Garayevs. 2018was abolished in.

Abbas Fatullayev is named as the director of the Garayevs’ company in Herzeg Novi. Abbas Fatullayev is also the legal representative of Gals LLC, founded by Davud oglu Garayev in Azerbaijan.

Garayev’s Azerbaijan, RussiaI wrote two years ago about companies that cover geography across continents such as Lithuania, Panama, Turkey, Malta.

– Triat Exire UAB (LTD) – Lithuania

– “KL Bodrum Emlak Ticaret ve Sanayi Limited” – Turkey

– “SQ-FUTURE” LLC – Azerbaijan

– TM GROUP – Azerbaijan

– QALS MMC (ГАЛС ООО) – Russia

– “GALS GALLERY” LLC – Azerbaijan

– “GALS BEAUTY AND SPA” – Azerbaijan

– RIMBA SA – Panama (canceled)



– A&S LIMITED – Malta


– COLAB Business Centers – Azerbaijan

– Hotel in Bodrum

– Nazilrum beauty salons – Azerbaijan

“5000 hectares of land in Bilasuvar.” (Qafqazinfo)

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