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Can our universe be divided by expansion?

NASAof Nancy Grace Roman The new space telescope will be able to answer the question of whether the universe will expand and eventually split into fragments. The telescope will be launched in 2027. However, scientists are already asking important questions about this telescope. Will the new telescope help to find answers to the main mysteries of the universe? California Institute of Technology alimi Yun Wang key features of the Nancy Grace Roman telescope in his new study and expansion of the universe spoke about. According to Wang, the new space telescope is located at a distance exoplanetsthe oldest galaxies billions of years old and will examine the entire history of the expansion of the most basic universe. The scientific instruments of this telescope will be able to find answers to such questions that, Even modern telescopes cannot find those answers. “We can study the first galaxies in the universe on a map of the universe dark matter be able to assign and Milk The way We will be able to find out what galaxies close to the galaxy are hiding, ”said Yun Wang.

20Until the end of the twentieth century, scientists thought that, the rate of expansion of the universe decreases. But it became known in 1998 that, its speed increases inversely. But what will be the result of this process? ” Wang asks. The Nancy Grace Roman telescope will be used to determine this. Based on the information obtained through this telescope, it will be possible to determine whether the rate of expansion of the universe will increase further and As a result, it will be possible to answer the question of whether the universe is divided. According to new research, the Nancy Grace Roman telescope is the universe 3-6 billion age formed when 10 million will examine the galaxy in detail. Thanks to this, scientists will be able to create an accurate map of the structure of the universe. In addition, thanks to this telescope, scientists have created the universe 2-3 billion age formed when 2 million will be able to accurately determine the distance to the galaxy.

“In this way, we can explore the expansion of the universe and we will be able to understand the whole history of this process. As a result, we will learn what will happen in the end, “said Wang. The universe is expanding and the rate of this expansion increases. In fact, this should not happen. So. that, the gravity of all matter in the universe contributes to this expansion snowshould create a braking effect. This acceleration shows it that, Albert Einstein-in gravity theory not true. And or it means that, it is necessary to introduce a new concept of energy into the universe. An example of this is the energy of darkness. “I think so that, The arrival of new physics is very close. “Either we will learn that dark energy is an unknown energy component, or we will have to make changes to Einstein’s theory of gravitation.”

Azerbaijan news

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