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Prisoners, prisoners, prisoners … Why is Azerbaijan ahead of its neighbors?


Europe The council released its annual prison statistics on April 5 reportpublished

This report contains information on 49 countries, including Azerbaijan.

It is noted in the report that, 2021 Januaryto the information of 31 according to all Europe The number of prisoners is 1 million 414 thousand 172.

This is also reported that, each 10The number of prisoners per 0 thousand people according to Europe total figure of 2020In 2021, it decreased from 104.3 to 101.9. This means a decrease of 2.3 percent.

The report says that, the number of prisoners according to first place Russia holds. There are about 480,000 prisoners in this country.

For Turkey, this figure is 272 thousand, Britain for 87 thousand, for Germany 60 thousand people.

There were 21,813 prisoners in Azerbaijan during the reporting period. This is 2020There are more than 21 thousand 12 prisoners in

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Each across Europe 10The number of prisoners per 0 thousand people according to the figure was 102.

This figure was 328 in Russia, 325 in Turkey, 232 in Georgia and 216 in Azerbaijan.

It is noted in the report that, each in a number of countries 10The number of prisoners per 1,000 people has decreased.

For example, the decline was 28 percent in Cyprus, 24 percent in Montenegro and 22 percent in Slovenia.

The number of prisoners in Georgia decreased by 12 percent and in Armenia by 11.5 percent.

During this period, the number of prisoners in Azerbaijan increased by 3.3 percent.

The report also contains figures on the number of prisoners in prisons. The total prison population in Europe has dropped from 90 to 85.4 inmates per 100 places.

For Azerbaijan, this figure is very close to the European average – 85.5 prisoners.

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The number of female prisoners in Azerbaijan is lower than the European average. 2.7 percent of prisoners in Azerbaijan are women. This figure is 8.5 percent in Latvia, 8.2 percent in the Czech Republic and 7.3 percent in Spain.

The average for Europe is 4.7 percent.

The report also includes indicators on foreign prisoners. The number of foreign prisoners according to Luxembourg is in first place with 73 percent.

It is followed by Switzerland (71 percent), Greece (60 percent) and Austria (50 percent).

For Azerbaijan, this figure is 2.2 percent. This is the lowest rate in Europe.

The average number of suicides in prison in Europe is 5.7 per 10,000 people.

The figure for Azerbaijan was 1.8 people.

Azerbaijan news

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