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The female driver kicked the parking controller and was stopped by police

In Sumgayit, a parking controller was beaten by a female driver.

The incident took place near the Karvan shopping center in Sumgayit. For unknown reasons, the female driver got out of the car and kicked a “parking lot” working in the area.

The moment of the incident was recorded by bystanders through the camera of a mobile phone.

Here are the images of the event:

A female driver who beat a parking controller has already been detained.

This was stated by a spokesman for the Interior Ministry, police major Anar Gafarov said. According to him according tothe identity of the woman is known:

“The identity of the female driver who beat the parking controller in Sumgayit has been revealed. He is from Sumgayit City Police He was invited to the office. Measures were taken against the driver under the relevant article of the Code of Administrative Offenses. (


Azerbaijan news

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