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The World Bank has announced that strategic products are rising sharply

The world Bankannounced prices in global commodity markets for the end of March.

Russia’s military intervention in Ukraine has led to a sharp rise in prices for most products.

January coal in March compared to the month and oil an average of 25-30%, naturally gas 53% in Europe, liquid gas In Japan, prices rose by 22%, wheat by 30%, fertilizers by an average of 35-40%, nickel by 50% and aluminum by 17%.

Economist Rovshan Agayev reports that, The world economy can not withstand such high prices for a long time.

According to him according tohigh production costs will not only affect the decline in demand after a while.

“Lack of resources for the fulfillment of obligations, reserve investments for investment, current production costs snowThe obligation to focus on the economy poses a risk of a serious decline in business activity, “the expert said.


Azerbaijan news

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