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Old apps will be hidden inside the Google Play Store

Google company Play Storewill start hiding old applications in. They will still be available to those who use such applications. However, new users will find these applications and they will not be able to install it on their devices. According to the information provided Google In the Play Store 3.5 million application is available. Most of them have been around for a long time that, does not meet modern software requirements. In most cases, such applications do not pose a source of danger. But in spite of that Google The company wants to minimize the risks to users. Thus, starting in November this year, the company will begin to hide old applications within the Google Play Store.

Those who use such applications will be able to continue to use them. Users of these applications will be able to find them in the Play Store and even switch to a new smartphone and or they will be able to reset the settings on the existing smartphone even if they are reset. Google’s new strategy targets users who have never installed older applications on their devices. Conversation, available Android API is an application with an Android API that is 2 years older than the version.

In other words, Android 10 and Apps compatible with earlier Android versions will be hidden from new users. According to Google, this method provides users with all the security provided by the new versions of Android and will be able to use privacy functions. Tightening the requirements for the API, in turn, will protect users from installing old applications that do not have the required level of security. This and or whether another application complies with Google’s requirements will depend directly on the developer. Most developers are constantly updating their applications. That’s it according to Google’s new decision will not cover users of current applications.

Azerbaijan news

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