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Seventh week of occupation. Can there be another attack on Kiev?

USA, Europe and Ukraine officials told CNN that, Of Russia Ukraine do not believe in good intentions in negotiations with. According to them, Putin He did not give up his plans to overthrow Zelensky

Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmitro Kuleba NATO members Kiev Russia called on to equip its forces with all the weapons needed in battle. On April 7 Russia Presidents Vladimir Putinin Ukraine snowThe seventh week of the Cold War began.

“My agenda is very simple. It has only three issues. Weapons, weapons and weapons “, – Kuleba NATOtold reporters at its headquarters in Brussels.

O, NATO In addition to its allies, it asked for planes, air defense systems, missiles and armored vehicles.

According to Kuleba according to, Ukraine Oil from the West to Russia and gas will insist on embargo requirements.

“We will not give up”

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenski warned in a speech last night that, Russia army is preparing for a new attack to the east. The Kremlin has previously called Ukraine’s industrial center stated the purpose of Zelensky says Ukraine is also preparing for war.

“We will fight, we will not retreat. As long as Russia wants peace, we will look for all possible ways to defend ourselves. This is our land, our future. We will not give up “, – Zelensky said.

Russia’s occupation, which lasted more than six weeks, has forced 4 million people to flee abroad. Thousands have been killed or injured, 25 percent of the population has been left homeless, and cities have been reduced to rubble. The West is Russia’s elite and imposed sanctions on the economy.

Ukrainian authorities have called on residents of the Donbas to leave immediately.

“People will be fired upon from now on. We will not be able to help them. ” – Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchuk stressed.

Kyivprobability of re-attack

The defense official, who did not want to be named, said that, Russia Kyiv and He evacuated about 25,000 troops near Chernigov and sent them to Belarus or Russia to be equipped, reorganized, and possibly returned to the east.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, a Western official said according toIt could take up to a month for Russian troops to prepare for a major offensive in eastern Ukraine.

USA, Europe and Ukrainian officials told CNN that, They do not believe in Russia’s goodwill in negotiations with Ukraine. According to them, Putin He did not give up his plans to overthrow Zelensky.

A senior defense official said Putin’s long-term goals were unclear. USA and after allies completed Putin’s targets in the Donbas Kyiv they are preparing to attack the region again, with enough strength to do so and technique is assumed to remain. This was reported to CNN by the United States and Europe officials said.

UNExpected discussion in, sanctions

On April 7 UNThe General Assembly will vote on Russia’s exclusion from the Human Rights Council.

The United States imposed sanctions on Putin’s two daughters on April 6 in response to the alleged killings around Kyiv. snowsaid it has tightened restrictions.

Britain Russia has banned investment in Russian coal until the end of the year and said it would end its dependence on oil.

The US Senate plans to begin deliberations on April 7 on legislation that would end normal trade relations with Russia. In this case Cho Biden administration may impose higher tariffs on some imports from Russia


Azerbaijan news

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