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150 thousand pounds of gold, pounds, dollars, pounds …

One of the thefts by climbing in Baku general Son of Sahib Mirzayev Vusal Mirzayevwas in the apartment. Accused of stealing from a number of apartments, falling on the balconies of high-rise buildings with a rope Cavid Suleymanov and Ahmad AhmadovHe is one of the victims in the case. Although Mirzayev testified during the investigation, he did not appear in court.

This case has been under investigation in the Baku Court of Grave Crimes for a long time. One of the victims questioned in court on April 8 – Orkhan Guliyev he says that, When he came home and opened the door, he saw that he was in a state of disarray: “600 from home dollarsThey took 700 euros. “

The accused Ahmadov and he says that, It is a lie that they did not take even 1 manat from that house.

He was summoned to court, but two victims did not show up and Testimony of witnesses was considered announced and The trial is over. At the next court hearing, the prosecutor will demand punishment for the accused.

According to RFE / RL according toMirzayev’s house 20Located on the 18th floor of a high-rise building. He said that, They were not at home from 12 to 14 May 2021. The theft also took place during this period. When he returned to the apartment, he found 150,000 pieces of gold jewelry, 7,000 manats and 3,000 manats dollars and 1 min 20They saw that 0 pounds of money was stolen.

This is the surface of burglaries by climbing general opened after what happened at his son’s house. According to the indictment, Suleymanov and Ahmadov was the last to be robbed from this house.

Suleymanov’s lawyer said he had suffered from mental illness since childhood, was not drafted into the army, and was a third group of disabled people. The lawyer, who submitted the documents to the court, asked for a re-examination to determine whether he was sane at the time of the incident.

“The taxi driver who was interrogated in court said that, As a service fee when taking Javid Suleymanov 10 Instead of manat, he left two 50’s and one watch. He also told himself that, it helps other poor people in the same way. There is other evidence that, this man tended to distribute his property and money to others. This is one of the symptoms of mental illness “– the lawyer said.

However, the lawyer’s request for re-examination was rejected.

Süleymanov and Ahmadov is charged under Article 177.3.2 of the Criminal Code (theft with extensive damage). In this article 10 He faces up to a year in prison.

Among the victims in this criminal case is a former member of the Azerbaijani national football team Jeyhun Sultanov, who resigned during the pandemic. free Chief infectious disease specialist Jalal Isayev and there are others.

For many years he worked in senior positions in the police general– Major Sahib Mirzayev was retired in 2021. Later, in September 2021, he was appointed an adviser to the head of the Baku City Executive Power.


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