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An incident occurred on the border with Iran – one person was neutralized


An incident took place on the Azerbaijani-Iranian border, one person was neutralized and one is wanted.

The Prosecutor General’s Office said and The State Border Service (SBS) issued a joint statement.

Reported that, On April 7, at about 21:25, the movement of three unknown persons from the Islamic Republic of Iran to Azerbaijan was observed in the service area of ​​the border post of the Goytapa frontier detachment of the State Border Troops near the village of Sarkhanli in the Jalilabad region.

The border post was raised by the “Silaha” team, the service area was completely closed and the pursuit of border violators began.

To the order of the border guard “Stop” and border violators ignoring the warning fire in the air snowThey tried to kill the border guards by firing firearms.

The border guard used weapons in accordance with the requirements of the existing legislation, one of the violators was neutralized, the other was detained, and one person used the dark weather conditions to enter the border guard. snowHe hid by armed resistance. Search operations are underway to detain him.

AKM Kalashnikov assault rifle, 24 kilograms 730 grams of drugs (9915 grams of marijuana) in 2 packages near the neutralized border trespasser 10 650 grams of heroin, 85 grams of opium, 4,080 grams of methamphetamine) and 300 methadone pills containing 40 psychotropic substances were found and confiscated. The detained border trespasser introduced himself as Iranian citizen Piran Behzat Mohammad.

The Iranian side was informed about the incident through the border office.

The Prosecutor General’s Office is conducting a joint investigation into the attempted murder of border guards and carries out search operations.

Azerbaijan news

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