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EU officials are going to Kiev to meet with Zelensky

Ukraine reports that, Kyiv pulling forces around Russia regrouped, eastern Donetsk and It is trying to take full control of the Luhansk region

On April 8 Europe Two leading officials of the Union (EU) Ukraine the capital Kyivb President Volodymyr Zelenski is in talks with. Western leaders are visiting Ukraine for the first time since reports of Russian atrocities in the town of Bucha earlier this week.

Europe President of the Commission Ursula von der Leyen and chief diplomat of the union Cozep Borrel Poland’s small, Ukraine They left by train from the town of Przemysl, 13 km from the border. Of Ukraine weather space to war according to depends.

Poland, Slovenia in mid-March and Prime Ministers of the Czech Republic by train Kyivhad gone to. And last week Europe President of Parliament Roberta Metsola was there.

New sanctions are coming

The West has condemned the killing of civilians in Bucha, north of Kiev, and tightened sanctions on Russia. Russia He denies the allegations, calling them a “provocation” by Ukraine.

Local officials Russia He says his forces have killed more than 300 people in Bucha, 50 of whom have been executed.

In response to these atrocities, Von der Leyen proposed a fifth package of sanctions to Russia on April 5.

According to sources dpa according to, Representatives of the 27 EU member states supported the project on the evening of April 7. Coal, white to the projectacincluding a ban on the import of vodka.


Zelensky said on the evening of April 7 that, The situation in Borodyanka, recaptured from Russian forces northwest of Kiev, is “much more frightening” than in Bucha.

In a video released by Borodyanka, rescuers are among the rubble of the collapsed building gasthey are working hard. Hundreds of people are believed to have been buried there.

Cities are under fire

Ukraine reports that, Russia is regrouping around Kyiv, east of Donetsk and It is trying to take full control of the Luhansk region. Some of these regions have been under the control of Russian-backed separatists since 2014.

10The port city of Mariupol, which is said to be home to more than 0,000 people, is also a target.

Britain According to the information released by the Ministry of Defense on April 8 according toEast of Russia and fires on cities in the southern parts. Russian forces are reported to be advancing south from the controlled city of Izyum.

For civilians in Ukraine today 10 plans to open a humanitarian corridor, but residents of besieged Mariupol will have to leave in private cars.

Deputy Prime Minister Irina Vereshchukannounced by flour 10 The safe corridor is all south of Ukraine and should be opened in the eastern parts.


Azerbaijan news

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