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Malicious software disguised as antivirus applications has spread among Android users

Google Although the company advises users to be careful when downloading applications from external resources Google Play Store The platform itself contains a large number of malware. However, even by the developers antivirus Applications such as, have the potential to steal user data. According to new information provided Google The company has removed 6 malicious applications from its Play Store platform. It was noted in the report that, Deleted applications are disguised as antivirus and are designed to steal users’ passwords and other information. Check Point The company’s researchers found that, those applications in general 15,000 times uploaded.

Google Malware Check Point Company cybersecurity deleted after a request sent by experts. It turned out that, users in fact under the name of antvirus Sharkbot downloaded malware called. The malware is intended to obtain user information. This is the user after the software enters the system of the device and or the virus steals information entered by the user when he tries to access his account within another service and sends to hackers’ servers. They, in turn, use the information obtained from users bank applications, social network and s. try to access their accounts in services. Google has already removed these antivirus applications from the Play Store. However, it is not ruled out that these applications are spread on external resources.

Azerbaijan news

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