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Resting in Georgia will be very expensive, very…

Of Georgia Milli Statistics Service inflation reportspread. Official information according toIn March 2022, prices rose by 11.8 percent compared to the same month last year.

27 percent of vegetables, 24.6 percent of soft drinks, bread and 23.5 percent of flour products, sugar and of sweets 20 percent, 19 percent of fish products, vegetable oils and 17.1 percent of fats, 16.8 percent of fruits, dairy products and 15.3 percent of eggs, coffee, tea and 14.1 percent of cocoa, meat and meat products 101 percent, alcoholic beverages and 6.3 percent of tobacco products, clothing and It is emphasized that the shoes increase the value by 0.5.

On transport service inflation indicator 21.6 percent, hotels, cafes and 13.1 percent for restaurant services, 8.4 percent for utilities and 3.6 percent for education services.

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Azerbaijan news

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