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Scientists have discovered the farthest galaxy from Earth

Harvard-Smithsonian Astrophysics Center astronomers have discovered the farthest galaxy from Earth. Conversation, HD1 goes from a galaxy called The galaxy in question 33.4 billion light year located at a distance and o, 330 million years since the Big Bang then formed. The discovery was made as part of an analysis of data obtained through several powerful telescopes. Scientists then composed several radio telescopes ALMA They carried out additional research by launching a complex called According to the information given, the light from the galaxy HD1 to reach the Earth 13.5 billion il was needed. And that means that, That galaxy was formed 330 million years after the Big Bang.

However expansion of the universe due to the distance from the Earth to HD1 33.4 billion light year. It should be noted that, previous record GN-z11 belonged to a galaxy called So. that, of this galaxy 13.4 billion years is old and he is from Earth 32 billion light years located at a distance. GN-z11 Approximately from the Big Bang 400 million years then emerged. In addition, the report said that, The HD1 galaxy is characterized by high brightness and Scientists have not yet been able to determine the cause. It is assumed that, large in the center of the galaxy in question black hole and ya high mass star may be available. Galaxy in the ultraviolet range is incredibly bright. However, the reason for this is unknown.

Azerbaijan news

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