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“Zelensky will meet with Putin only after victory”


Ukraine President Office adviser Mikhail Podolyak said that, Vladimir Zelenski Russia with President Putin only Ukraine will meet after winning big battles. He spoke about this during a telethon.

“The sequence will be as follows: Ukraine He is ready for big battles, he must win these battles, including in the Donbas, the adviser said. – Then Ukraine will gain a more favorable position for negotiations and able to dictate certain conditions. The meeting of the presidents will take place after that. It may take two or three weeks. “

Podolyak thinks that, Russia Some things are still not understood: we need to talk on an equal footing with Ukraine. But he is sure that, The Kremlin will soon understand this – “within a week or two of the fighting in the Donbas.”

The adviser of the Ukrainian Parliament said that the victory was very expensive, the daily loss of life in his country and admits that it was subjected to infrastructure destruction. However, he saw Russia as an imperial fantasy free considers it more important to do and He says Ukraine is the only country that can cope with this task.

“It doesn’t matter how long it takes. We receive very strong guarantees for the security of Ukraine, Russia the imperial appetite of states such as snowWe will do everything to close our borders once and for all. Whenever we have the exact means to do so, then so be it president will go to talks, “the adviser said.

According to Podolyuk according toIn the corner, Kyiv in the region, after the events in Kramatorsk, other than Ukraine way “It simply came to our notice then that, We must put an end to the cannibalistic regime of the Russian Federation. “

It is interesting that, just the day before president Zelensky himself expressed completely different views on the possibility of negotiations. He said in an interview with the German publication Bild that, “Today, Ukraine has no choice but to sit at the negotiating table with Putin, because no one else can stop the war in Russia.” Only he decides when the war will end. “

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