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A new type of scam based on WhatsApp’s voice messaging feature has started to spread

Armorblox IT company called Whatsappreported a new fraud scheme disguised as a function of voice messages in. Through a new scam scheme, hackers can download malicious software to a computer and access existing user accounts and e-wallet passwords. and they even steal files. Hackers carry out the process of hacking computers via e-mail. Such a letter sent by them is disguised as a notification from the official support service of the messenger and offers the user to listen to the voice message. After clicking on the link where the voice message is placed, the user is redirected to the phishing site and eventually his computer JS / Kryptic infected with a virus called.

In order to force the user to download malware, hackers even use the popular “Click allow to confirm that you are not a robot”Written captcha they also imitate the form. After clicking on the button, the browser actually offers to install a virus under the name of useful software for computer optimization. Armorblox noted that, official of such letters sent by e-mail Whatsapp has nothing to do with the developers. In addition, voice messages are automatically downloaded within the messenger. That’s it according to Also, the messenger administration does not send notification by e-mail about the receipt of a new voice message. Also in phishing letters sent WhatsappThe logo does not exist.

Azerbaijan news

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