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Scientists have talked about the highest tsunami recorded in history

In July 1958 Of Alaska on the south-east coast 8.3 points a strong earthquake had occurred. That earthquake caused a huge landslide and This landslide, in turn, caused a huge tsunami. According to the report, the tsunami was the largest wave ever recorded on Earth. The landslide occurred in southeastern Alaska In the Gulf of Lithuania fell into the water. Scientists have calculated the height of the resulting tsunami wave 524 meters formed. This is the “Kiev-based”motherland”From the height of the statue (102 meters) 5 times, famous located in New York Empire State Building from the height of the skyscraper named (443 meters) is many times higher.

“This is the biggest wave in history,” he said. I think that, there have been higher waves in the past. But they happened in the distant past and they can only be assessed through geological sediments. ” Georgia Institute of Technology alimi Hermann Fritz noted. According to the scientist, during the landslide in the Gulf of Lithuania, the water was approximate 30 million cubic meters rock fell. This led to a huge tsunami. In addition, the height of the wave was also affected by the shape of the bay.

Lithuanian Gulf:

The bay of Lithuania is long with steep slopes and is a narrow coastal bay. The length of the bay is approx 14.5 kmwhile the width 3.2 km contane. Depth of the deepest part of the bay It is 220 meters. “During an ordinary tsunami caused by a landslide, the waves propagate in the form of fans. But the steep slopes of the Gulf of Lithuania and The narrow shape caused the wave to move in one direction. As a result, as the water does not have the opportunity to fall into any additional places, it is directed upwards and to it according to The total height of the wave was so high, ”said Hermann Fritz. According to the scientist, such tsunamis are massive information in the means megasunamiler is called.

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